Antisubmarine Squadron 29
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Pictures of a restored S2 at the Titusville FL Warbird Museum

Great video of the 67-68 Westpac cruise by Adam Savje

All Hands "Gathering" held in February 2014

Gary Weaver pictures from the 60's

Some pictures from the 2013 Officers Reunion in Branson

The 2013 All Hands Reunion in Pensacola was in April

Ron Kurtz pictures from the 1969 WestPac Cruise

70-72 pictures from Stuart Smith

Homesick for the Navy? How to get over it.

Bob Mitchell's pictures from 1963.

See VS29's facebook page. It's a closed group, so ask to join the group to see all the posts.

Ever worry that you have forgotten a step on an emergency checklist? Here are some pages from the S2D/E NATOPS PILOT'S POCKET CHECKLIST to help you refresh your memory. Don't have another S2 flashback nightmare without being ready! Many thanks to Dave Bitonti for finding us a checklist.

Source for VS29 patches (Thanks to Michael Hoffman and John McCorquodale)

List of VS29 Commanding Officers, courtesy of RAFS

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