Years in VS29
John Wurth


John D. McCorquodale


Don M. Barnes


Walter M. Krupnak


Elmer Beardshall


Bob Canepa


In Memoriam

John Wurth
1957 Seaman Apprentice
1957 Ensign
1959 LTjg
1961-1964 VS-29 Safety Officer  LT
1964-1965 USNPGS, MBA -Personnel
1965-1968 Naval Air Systems Command, Washington, D.C.
Project manager - New Production Training Aircraft
Selected Aeronautical Engineering Duty Only (AEDO) LCDR
1968-1969 Officer in Charge of STRAAD (Special Techniques for the Repair and Analysis of Aircraft Damage). Offices: Cubi Point, PI; Danang, SV
1969-1971 Officer in Charge of the Navy Detachment at the Japan Aircraft Company, Atsugi, Japan
1971-1975 Executive Officer, Naval Air Rework Facility, Alameda CA CDR
1975-1977 Commanding Officer, Naval Air Technical Services Facility, Phila. PA
1977 Retired August 1977, 20 years 7 months of service
1977 Moved to Kansas and built a home in Goddard, 7 miles west of Wichita
1977-1983 1/3 owner and CEO of a chain of 14 nursing homes in Kansas
1979-1983 1/3 owner and CEO of 5 Italian restaurants purchased from Pizza Hut
1979-1999 Built, owned, and operated an 80 room motel in Fort Scott, KS
1979-2000 1/3 owner and managing partner of a 7 story office building in downtown Wichita
1983-Present Own and operate an apartment complex containing 80 apartments in Wichita
Children: Mike and Kendra Hobbs, Atlanta GA
Tina (1985), Jessica (1987), and Grant (1988)
Bryan and Melinda Easterwood, Andover KS
Joel (1993) and Sara (1993)
Craig and Shana Wurth, Austin TX
Max (2000) and Leo(2003)

John D. McCorquodale
JULY 1964 Entered Navy Boot Camp San Diego, Cal.
1964-1965 Naval Electronics School, Memphis Tenn.
OCT 65-JULY 68 VS-29 AT SHOP and AIR CREW, Crew # 7
AUG 68- JULY 78 McDonnell Douglas Astor, Combat Weapons Eng. Group, R&D, Dragon, Smaw, and Tow.
JULY 78-JULY 81 Computer Science Corp. KSC, SRB Computer maintenance
JULY 81-JULY 83 Textile Instrumentation Shop Supervisor/Computer Hardware Supervisor. Graniteville S.C.
83 - 2004 McDonnell Douglas/Boeing, Tomahawk, Jdam, Space Lab/Space Station, KSC.
2004 - Until Retired , Home working for Kathie completing, Honey do?
MAY 1971 Married Kathleen Milczewski, Millbrook, New York
Two children James and Julie

Don M. Barnes
Nov. 64 Entered Navy Boot Camp Great Lakes, Ill.
Feb.- Oct.65 Naval Electronics School, Memphis Tenn.
Feb.66-Nov.68 VS-29 AT SHOP and Flight Deck trouble Shooter
Jan.69-Jan.70 AT&T Longlines White Plains N.Y.
Jan. 70-Apl. 80 New York Telco., Bronx, N.Y.
Apl. 80-Apl. 86 Debar Business Services Inc. Middletown, N.Y.
Apl.86-Jan.99 New York Air National Guard, Newburgh, N.Y.
May 2000-Present Retired from Middletown, N.Y. to Niceville, Fl.


Walter M. Krupnak VS-29 E5 (AT2 and AX2) 1963 and 1964
11/60 Entered USN
3/61 Entered USN Aviation Electronics School NAS Memphis, TN
11/61 Graduated AT school Honorman of class
12/61 Assigned to AEWBARRONPAC NAS Barbers Pt. HI
11/62 Assigned to VS-41 ( aircrew and electronic systems schools)
4/63 Assigned to VS-29 ( Assigned to Lt. Beardshall's crew/Avionics)
12/64  Separated from USN after WESTPAC 64
1/65-4/66 Electronic engineering degree Onondaga college and Syracuse Univ.
12/66 Married Carmella Capria (Still married to the same great woman today)
5/66 General Electric Radar circuit designer Military Electronics Department Syracuse, NY
7/69-8/71 Attended Onondaga Flight school Obtained FAA commercial, instrument, multi engine, flight instructor ratings
6/72 Started a flight school (WACAAIR) in Syracuse NY
9/87 Krupnak family moved to Klamath Falls, Or. for General Electric to help install and test the west coast Over The Horizon (OTH) Radar system
10/95 Lockheed Martin Albuquerque, NM. Avionics engineer
12/98 US Gov. (Pilot and electronics engineer for unmanned aircraft (Predators)
2/05 Consultant engineer and pilot UAV projects--- US Naval Post Graduate School
Present Consultant engineer and pilot USNPGS
  Live in Klamath Falls OR. Married. Would like to hear from any Tromboners. Contact:
   Walter Krupnak

   541 850 2051
  2 children
Son Jeffrey married-Math professor UNev Reno
Daughter married Klamath County Sherriff's Dept.
1 Granddaughter


Elmer Beardshall
1956-1960 NROTC University of South Carolina, Midshipman Battalion Commander
1960-1962 USNATC VT1, VT4 (1 week-got kicked out), VT2, VT3, VT5, VT27 LTJG
Married Ann H. Hardy 12/23/61
1962 VS41 North Island  San Diego CA
1962-1965 VS 29 North Island  San Diego CA LT
1965-1966 USNPGS  Monterey CA MBA Management/Data Processing
1966-1968 VT9  Meridian MS (Diagnosed with incurable Cystinuria)
1968-1969 ComCruDesFlot2  Newport RI (released 8/69) LCDR
1969-1976 Kurt Salmon Associates  Atlanta GA (Consultants to Apparel/Textiles)
1976-1994 Stevens Sportwear  Hattiesburg MS
1986 - AHB awarded Ph.D. in Psychology at Univ. S. Miss.
1994-2002 Scruggs & Associates  Hattiesburg MS (ERP, MRP Software)
2002 Retired, self employed. EWB - Computer Services (web sites and databases) AHB - Biological Statistician  Hattiesburg MS
  Two children, Linsley Ann (1965)- Systems Analyst AT&T  Atlanta GA,
William Hardy (1967) - V.P. Liquid Frameworks  Houston TX
Four grandchildren