Gary Weaver  Pictures from the late 60's 
Ron Kurtz Pictures from the VS-29 WestPac Cruise of 1969
Robert E. Mitchell Pictures from 1963. Plank Owner in VS29. LSO, Material Control
John Balzer Aircrewman on the 1966 cruise
Walt King Aircrewman on the 1963 cruise

Lt. John Wurth

Wurth served in VS-29 from 1961-1964. Safety Officer

E4 John D. McCorquodale

McCorquodale served in VS-29 from 1965-1968, and worked in Avionics. Later retired after 30 yrs. with McDonnell Douglas/Boeing, Last worked on the Space Station. Now resides in Florida.

Lt. Elmer Beardshall

These are pictures from the 63 and 64 cruises. Beard served in VS-29 from 1962-1965. Asst. Admin, Material Control, ASW Officer.

Lt. William
P. Kantor

The VS29 pictures brought back some memories.  I have had my son in
law scan some slides.  There are three that are attached.  The one from
Pearl Harbor is a favorite that will be enlarged.  The second is of the
skipper's AC (76) in moon glow prior to a night launch.  It looks to be a
little underexposed.  The third is the only one that has survived of
Commander Kreutz's last recovery aboard the Kearsarge.  That is Tom Hultz on the trombone. 

E4 Vernon Woodcock

These are pictures from the 66 cruise and some of the people who were on it. Woodcock was in the Navy from 1964-1967, and VS29 from 1965-67. Now retired from Industrial Maintenance, living in PA.

E7 Marvin

A great ~1970 picture of VS-29 S-2's passing Point Loma, with NASNI and Coronado in the background

E6 Bill Belus Jr

Some beautiful pictures taken on the Kearsarge. Belus made part of the 1963 cruise and all of the 1964, 1966 cruises with VS-29.  When he left VS-29 he was an AX-1 assigned to Avionics. 

Party Pics

A western themed officer party in 1963

Fire Bombers

Some dramatic California Forestry Department S2 Fire Bomber pictures

Fire Bombers

Pictures of California S2 fire bombers after conversion to turboprop

ATN-2 Hal Horch

Horch served in VS-29 in 66,67 &68.  ATN-2 (AC).

Walter Krupnak

Walter Krupnak explores a S2 grave yard in Arizona

Lee Gaffrey

Some very nice John Ford paintings

Warren Canfield

1962-1966 era pictures, flight crews, squadron formation

Sonny Richardson

Some Big K pictures, and the story of the deadly 1967 fire

E6 Bill Belus Jr

Slide show of 1963-1966 WestPac pictures
Stuart Smith Early 70's pictures showing Tico, Wasp, NATO Exercise
Pat Stanley Early 70's pictures showing S2-E, 70's flight gear, Ticonderago