Stuart Smith Pictures
I departed the squadron in the fall of 1972 after the summer deployment to VietNam. I am sending in some of my own shots while I served as an AW flying S2's in the #4 seat. Starting you see a couple window shots from the 3 and 4 seats. Note the rocket and bomb pods on the wings in a couple shots. Must be coming from or going to (I cannot tell) Salton Sea for practice. I have some shots while VS-29 was deployed to the USS Wasp (CVS 18) out of Quonset Point, RI. This was in the summer of '71 if my mind is serving me correctly. It was a combined NATO operation with stops in Bermuda and Nova Scotia, Canada. That is my #3 crewmember, Chuck Horner. He was from Baltimore, MD. And following is a shot of the cockpit and #2 pilot. There are some pics of the flight deck, COD arrival, and ready-room on the Tico. That next crewman shot is "guess who". I remember the taking of that one. It was taken by Pat Stanley on a cross-country flight.

My duty aboard VS-29 was good. Especially being part of an aircrew. It is great to see these past photos and other info on this web site. I hope these pics are enjoyable by others as well.

Thank you,
Stuart Smith