2015 Officers Reunion

Final Sitrep Report by King Graham:

What a great reunion! Thanks to all of you who attended, this reunion was a major success. We hope you all have now arrived home safely.

The bills are all paid, and as we speculated during the remarks at the reunion banquet on Thursday night, we do have some unspent funds remaining. It is our intention to return shares of this money based on each individuals monetary contribution and attendance participation in the event. Checks should go out sometime next week, after the final calculations are made.

It appeared to us that everyone had a great time at the reunion. During the remarks at the banquet, we thanked, by name, many individuals for their specific contributions, which surely were all above and beyond. In addition, now, we want to give a huge thank you to John and Jan Wurth, who took numerous photo's during the reunion, and have since compiled and sent an album of photo's to each participant of this reunion. Many, many thanks John and Jan, for this lasting memory. Finally, thanks needs to go to ALL those who helped each evening, with cooking, preparation, and cleanup in the Ready Rooms. In reality, every person who attended the reunion should be thanked, for everyone's participation is what made this reunion one of the best we have had.

During the banquet remarks, Phil recited the poem that he wrote titled "Low Flight". Many of you have asked for a copy of this poem, therefore, we have attached a copy to this email.

Originally this reunion was billed as a "Final" reunion, returning to the place where it all started for us - where most of us met, NAS North Island. However, there was some discussion during the banquet of a future reunion. We certainly enjoyed hosting this reunion and would attend any future reunions if we are able. As many of you who have hosted know, it is a labor of love, but well worth the effort involved. We sincerely appreciate the many notes and emails we both have received expressing gratitude, and we wish good luck to all future efforts.

Many thanks to John Wurth for sharing his pictures of the reunion.