Order of Battle

Order of battle for carriers and carrier-based squadrons in the Western Pacific (WestPac) and Vietnam 1964-1975

VS 29 Lineage

Current Navy Aviation Squadron Lineages

VS 21

Mother Squadron, split in 1960

S3B Role Changes

Role changes from Antisubmarine to Sea Control

End of VS 29

Sea Control Squadron (VS) 29 “Dragonfires” decommissioned April 2004

or Was this the end?

Another decommissioning article with some conflicting facts, patch?

CVS 33

Naval Historical Center history of CVS 33


Several paintings of the civil war version of the Kearsarge by Manet
1964 C of C Program from the 1964 Huff - Pietrowski Change of Command
1966 C of C Pictures of the 1966 Kreutz - Koval Change of Command
VS 29 Commanding Officers List of S2 era Commanding Officers