NHHC Naval History and Heritage Command
Maritime quest Information and pictures for most any ship you can name
NavSource NavSource Naval History. Photographic History of the U.S. Navy
Naval Aviation 100 The 100th Anniversary of Naval Aviation Foundation is a publicly supported nonprofit organization working independently to support the USN, USMC and USCG’s Centennial of Naval Aviation.
NAS Pensacola Mainside.
Naval Aviation Vision Interesting White paper on the future of Naval Aviation. e.g.: In 2032 the Navy may still be using straight deck Wasp class carriers (including the USS Kearsarge, LDH-3) with F35's aboard. And Flying Boeing 707's, E2's, and C130's.  Lots of drones! 7 MB pdf file.

Stoof Drivers Book

Mike Ray (VS-35 1964-1967) has written a great book about what it was like to fly the S2. He starts with his experience in Pensacola as an AOC, and takes it all the way to VS-35. Hard Cover and CD versions.

Cruise Book

Mike Ray also has a book covering his experiences during a Far East cruise aboard the USS Hornet (CVS-12) in 1965. Great way to re-live a Westpac cruise without all the sweat and lost sleep. This book is guaranteed to help you remember the thrills, satisfactions, pride, frustrations, scares, camaraderie, and bureaucracy. Out of Print, but check with Mike Ray if you want one.

Aviation Enthusiasts Corner

S2E specs, good pictures, and comments by visitors
The Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Addison TX is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization devoted to promoting aviation studies and to perpetuating America's aviation heritage. They have a S2F-1

S2 Tracker Museum

Good cockpit pictures, and links to museums that have S2s

Stoof Stuff

Link to Stoof Stuff - models, books, more links

CVSG-57 Vets

VS-35, VS-37, HS-2 Veterans Group

Warbird Alley

Interesting history of the S2 development


A now defunct group of S2 drivers which held events for S2 pilots. See the 2008 reunion in Reno.

USN Drill Team

The Navy has a drill team? What are marines for?


North Island - The "Birthplace of Naval Aviation". Links to all the facilities of Naval Base Coronado: Imperial Beach, Amphib Base, San Clemente, SERE, Silver Strand, etc. See Picture. Map.


Special Military Social Security Rate. Also see Military.com


A Naval Aviator's Heaven (poem)


Lots of Navy links

Naval Aviation Museum

THE Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola Florida.  S2, S2 cockpit


All things military, good way to find shipmates


Gerald (Beak) Atkinson's web site


Special notice on the belated awarding of medals and citations


Over 50,000 aviation photos, including these S2 pictures


Deep thoughts on flying


Carrier Naval Aviator association. See S2 and VS29 logo merchandise
Military Records National archive of military records.
You can request information from your files
The Virtual Wall Vietnam Veterans Memorial
S2 NATOPS Manual S-2D/E&G manual dated 1971
SOP Paper on the adoption of SOP, see esp. pp49-68
S2 Model Want to make a nice S2 model airplane?
Surviving S2s Surviving Grumman S2F Tracker Information Repository
S2 Blog A wonderful short history of the S2 by Bill Walton
VS37 Web site of another NASNI S2 squadron
Aircraft Virtual Aircraft Museum
CDF California Fire Pilots flying S2 and OV-10 aircraft
Ever worry that you have forgotten a step on an emergency checklist?
Here are some pages from the NATOPS PILOT'S POCKET CHECKLIST S2D/E AIRCRAFT to help you refresh your memory.
NAVWEPS 01-85SAD-1B 15 July 1965
CWM Models Pictures of the completed Cold War Museum models
Navy Simulator Miss the Navy? Here's how to simulate being in the Navy
NavSource Lots of good historic pictures of the Kearsarge
CVS33 67-68 Videos taken by Adam Savje on the 67-68 WestPac cruise
S2 facebook S2 facebook group. Lots of good stuff!
Museums Dozens of Air and Space Museums

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